Spring Break 2019

This year we took a winding road trip through Amarillo, Texas then Durango, Colorado and ended up in Moab, Utah to see some national parks.

Arches National Park

First we hiked to the Landscape Arch. That span is over 300 feet.

Then we saw a steep path up the side of a rocky hill and climbed to the highest point.

The next morning, we watched the sunrise through The Window Arch.

There were so many amazing sites here, but my favorite was the Double Arch.

We got here early in the morning and had it to ourselves for a while.

Canyonlands National Park

Just down the road we explored the edge of a huge canyon and looked through another arch.

After two days in Moab we headed back towards home.

Four Corners

Basically in the middle of no where we stood at the Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico borders.

We headed back through New Mexico. I made several left turns in Albuquerque then stopped off in Carlsbad.

Carlsbad Caverns National Park

After an elevator ride down 750 feet we entered a subterranean wonderland.

From here we drove all day and finally made it back home to Round Rock.


Spring is here in Texas. Now if it’ll just get warm enough to swim in our new pool…

It’s Been Awhile

I’ve noticed that since I’ve joined Facebook I do not update this blog very often. Facebook is just so easy. But I have also realized I do not update that very often either. I think I have become a blogging slacker.

The sun came out a little today and it is nice to think of spring, even though I am a winter season girl. I’m sure Matthew will enjoy getting to play outside more especially now since we have officially joined a mom group and the playgroup that goes with it. We went for the first time Wednesday and it was really great for both of us. Matthew got some playtime in with some fun kids that are close to his age and I got to meet some tremendously nice women who have been very welcoming. The interesting thing is that most of the moms I’ve met do not seem to be from here either. One of them just moved recently from Minnesota and talking to other ladies who have uprooted and recently moved here as been very reassuring. We could all understand what it is like to live in a new place with no family or close connections near by, in case of an emergency or a situation were you really need someone to watch the kids. Like doctor appointments…I believe Matthew is really sick of being drug along to all my doctor visits. He doesn’t really complain but thanks goodness for Leapster and kid’s games on the iPhone!

So I guess we are getting settled in here. It’s only been, what…a little over a year? And we love to have friends and family down here for a visit. That part has been very fun. So come see us anytime, okay?

It is almost that time again…

And we are definitely looking forward to it. Matthew will be five years old this Christmas. Can you believe that? Five years old? We were talking about his birthday today and he asked me if we had his school clothes ready. I asked him what he meant and he said, “Well Mom, I’ll be five soon and I can go to school.” I really hated to tell him that he cannot start school until late August or so. He seemed disappointed, poor guy. Looks like the only one crying on the first day of school will be me.

Merry Christmas, friends and family! Hopefully we will be seeing most of you soon.