It’s a boy!

I would like to introduce the world to our son – Matthew Anderson Lewis. He was born at noon on Christmas Day. He weighed 7 pounds and 12 ounces and was 20 inches long.

Here’s Paige and Matthew on the day he was born:

Paige and Matthew

We spent the rest of Christmas day letting everybody see him and hold him. That night, we took him to the nursery so we could get to sleep. The next morning, we picked him and found that the nurses had put a Christmas hat on him:

Christmas hat

We spent the 26th holding him and playing with him. Paige finally got the camera away from me and took my picture:

Tony holding Matthew Paige holding Matthew

Finally, on the 27th we got to go home. We dressed him in his nicest gown, and we were ready to go:

Matthew in his going home outfit Paige and Matthew ready to go home

We took about 50 pictures while we were in the hospital, but I thought these were the best ones of Matthew. Don’t worry, I’ll post lots more later.

I should really thank all of our friends and family for everything they’ve done over the last week. We haven’t cooked a meal since Matthew was born. It’s been great to not have to worry about day-to-day things and instead focus all of our attention on our wonderful new son.

One more thing before I forget – Happy New Year!

Must See Show

Just when you thought I couldn’t get any geekier…

I just read about this show on Slashdot and I’ve got to go see it. It’s called ‘Dear Friends – Music from Final Fantasy’. Yahoo has the press release.

I probably know most of the Final Fantasy music by heart. I still remember how good those songs sounded coming out the Super NES in stereo (that’s right kids, games didn’t always have surround sound) and going through Ben’s Bose speakers. I can’t imagine what it would sound like live performed by an orchestra.

The only U.S. date so far is in Chicago. They’re calling it a ‘tour’ so surely there will be more shows. If they come anywhere near Texas, I’ll be there. Hopefully they’ll visit the Bass Hall in Fort Worth.

Almost There

It’s almost time for the Christmas holiday and I can’t wait. I really need two weeks off about now. Between working all day and writing code most of the night, I’m getting a little worn out.

In case I haven’t mentioned it here before, my goal is to start selling my own software by June 8, 2005. I don’t want to just have a program to sell on that day, I actually want to sell at least one copy of something before June 8.

I think this is a pretty realistic goal for me. Time will tell.

Soup Nazi

As most people know, we’re big fans of soup. I’ve posted pictures and even a recipe for War Wonton Soup in the past. We’re also fans of Seinfeld. One of the most famous episodes of Seinfeld deals with the Soup Nazi – “No soup for you!”. After watching this episode, Paige and I found a recipe for Mulligatawny which we still cook occasionally.

Earlier today, I came across a site called Top Secret Recipes that has several of the soup recipes from this episode. The guy who runs the site went to the real Soup Kitchen International in New York, ordered the soups, and took them home to figure out the recipes. Here are the soups from the show:

I really don’t know if these are good or not since I haven’t tried any of them yet, but they sound pretty good. I’ll update the site with some results. Now that it’s cold outside, I’m ready for a warm bowl of soup.