My New Favorite Word

I have a new favorite word — speach.

I actually typed it that way a few minutes ago and I had to read it several times before I noticed anything was wrong. Of course it looks ridiculous now, but at the time it looked correct.

So if I’ve ever typed a message to you and used the word speach, just assume that I meant giving a speech while eating a peach.

Another New Blog

You may have noticed another new link on the right side of the page — Death By Plastic.

Death By Plastic is my new weblog about getting out of debt, specifically credit card debt. It will also cover other personal finance topics like reducing expenses, finding alternate sources of income, and saving for the future.

There’s not much content there yet, but it’s growing steadily. I just finished up a three-part series on eliminating debt with my 1, 2, 3 plan. I think it’s pretty good. Hopefully other people will like it, too.

I’ve got more than 10 other posts in various states of completion — everything from book reviews to investment tips. I’m going to try to update the site at least three times a week.

I feel like I’m finally starting to make money for myself instead of just working to pay the bills. It’s a really good feeling, and I want to share that feeling with everyone I can.

Technology Director

Here’s one reason why I haven’t been posting very much on this site lately:

Back in March my boss announced his retirement. A month or so later, his job was posted on our employment opportunities page.

I turned in my resume for the job around the first of May along with a few other people from outside the district. I interviewed for the position last Monday.

This morning, the school board held a special meeting to discuss several personnel items. During the meeting I was officially employed as Technology Director.