My Rio Nitrus sold to a nice guy from Pennsylvania for almost $90. Not too bad. I hope he enjoys it.

According to Fedex, my iPod shuffle should be here tomorrow. Not quite perfect timing, but pretty close. I’ll post pictures plus a little comparison of features once it gets here.

I haven’t posted very much here because I’ve been so busy at work lately. The combination of spyware and viruses is really starting to get to me. Like I’ve been saying for a while now – if you’re still using Internet Explorer, it’s time to switch to Firefox. You’ll thank me for it later.

Buy My Rio

Looking for a good deal on a nice MP3 player?

I’m selling my Rio Nitrus on eBay. It’s going for only $9.99 right now. The auction doesn’t end until Sunday evening, so you still have plenty of time to bid.

This player is selling for around $150 right now, I sure hope I don’t have to let mine go for only $10. Of course, I’m sure I’ll forget all about it when my iPod Shuffle gets here next week…

Wide Awake

Matthew doesn’t sleep all the time. In every other picture I’ve posted he’s either asleep or looking sleepy, so here’s one where he’s wide awake:


He still has a full head of hair and dark blue eyes.

More Matthew

Paige and Matthew are asleep on the couch, so I thought I would upload a few more pictures. Here he is with his eyes open, looking very scared of the camera for some reason:


He does some funny things when he sleeps. Sometimes he pulls the blanket over his head. He also likes to show us his fists while he sleeps:

Matthew Matthew

We took Matthew to the doctor back on the 10th and they said he has already grown an inch and gained a pound. I’m sure he’ll be full grown before we know it.

Apple finally got it right

I’ve been saying for a while now that what Apple really needs to do is take the display off of an iMac and sell just the computer. Well, they’ve finally done it. Take a look at what will probably be my next computer, the Mac mini. This is a thing of beauty. It’s a real Macintosh with Mac OS X for only $499. You supply the monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Not only that, but they’ve also released a new iPod, the iPod shuffle. 512MB of music for $99 or 1GB for $149. I will have one of these very soon. Anybody want to buy my Rio Nitrus? It’s got a 1.5GB hard drive and it’s as good as new. It’s a steal at $99…

Who needs sleep?

We’re slowly adjusting to our new way of life now that the baby’s here. I know at one point I used to sleep for 8 hours or more at a time. Now it’s more like 3-4 hours at a time, but that’s OK. It’s all worth it to know that I’m raising my son.

Updates are a little sparse around here right now. We still have tons of pictures to post, but somehow that doesn’t seem very important anymore. Playing with Matthew is a lot more fun that looking at pictures of him on the screen.

Matthew wasn’t my only Christmas present this year. Paige also got me an awsome acoustic / electric guitar. It’s an Ibanez AEG10. Here’s the official picture of it. I’ll eventually post a picture of me playing it.

Ibanez AEG10

This, finally, brings up the reason for this post. Now that I have an acoustic guitar, I’m wanting to learn some of the classic acoustic guitar songs. I’m working on a list of my own, but I want to be sure and not miss anything. Here’s what I have in mind so far:

  • Eagles – Hotel California
  • Kansas – Dust in the Wind
  • Animals – House of the Rising Sun

I consider those pretty much the holy trinity of classic acoustic guitar songs. After those, I have lots of other ideas.

  • Lots of Dave Matthews Band songs
  • Some Beatles songs
  • Some Eric Clapton (I love Bell Bottom Blues)
  • The songs from Nirvana unplugged
  • Some Pearl Jam songs (Elderly Woman…, Yellow Ledbetter, etc.)
  • A few Pink Floyd songs (Paige hates most of Pink Floyd)

Now it’s your turn. I need some different stuff to play. Are there any good newer acoustic guitar songs? Let me know what I’m missing…