I will be talking about MySpace this evening at 6:00pm in the high school auditorium. I’ll cover how to make your profile private, why that doesn’t really help, and things you shouldn’t talk about on MySpace.

Unfortunately, I won’t be showing profile pages of high school students this time. I’m a little afraid of irate parents. Some of the stuff I found might not go over too well.

The presentation I gave for the teachers a few weeks ago was a lot of fun. I actually called a student on her cell phone during the first presentation and told her she might want to delete that comment.

Believe it or not, the comment is still there. I thought for sure that a strange man calling her at 8:30am would be enough to motivate her to remove the comment. I guess I was wrong.

I’m not sure what the big shocker is going to be this evening, hopefully I’ll think of something between now and then.


Here’s a new picture of Matthew. If you’ve only been looking at pictures on the website, you probably won’t even recognize him.

Matt on the couch

He’s 20 months old now. I’m going to try to post at least one new picture a month here from now on.

Treasure Hunters

Former Paris High School student Charles Taylor has made it all the way to the finals on the NBC reality show Treasure Hunters. Charles graduated in 2002.

We’re having a watch party this evening at the high school. There will be refreshments in the cafeteria starting at 7:00pm and the show starts at 8:00pm on the big screen in the auditorium.

Come by and watch if you’re in the area.

Crappy Day

I don’t know what’s wrong with me today. I was actually a little short with a teacher in front of her students. I’ve never done that before.

I guess the stress of the last few weeks has finally caught up with me. I’m glad this week is almost over and I’m ready to take some time off and have some fun this weekend.

If you’re also having a rough day, you might want to check out these 14 Amazing Facts About Chuck Norris. They made me smile…


Life has been very wild lately. They say time flies when you’re having fun, I say time really flies when you’re working your butt off. Actually, that’s not exactly what I say, but this is a family website.

Work is just crazy this time of year. The problem with being the boss is I can’t just point the finger at someone else any more. If something is broken, it’s up to me to get it done. Hopefully I haven’t screwed up too much.

Now that the students are back in school, things should calm down at work. We’re not there yet, but I’m hoping we’ll get caught up sometime next week.

The school district bought me a new laptop a few weeks ago. Yes, it’s a MacBook Pro. It’s amazing what a faster computer does for my productivity. I can’t say enough good things about it.

I should have a little more spare time since I’m not teaching a class this year. At the end of school last year I had 9 students signed up. I didn’t like teaching in the afternoon, so I asked to have my class moved to before lunch.

Out of the 9 signed up last year, only 4 could be in the class 3rd period and 1 of those took it last year. I just couldn’t justify giving up over an hour a day for 3 students. Hopefully I won’t regret this later.

I’m going to try to start updating my other blogs regularly. Everything has basically taken a two month break. If you’re into paying off your debt or programming games, check them out.

I’ll also upload some more recent pictures of Matthew soon. I don’t carry pictures in my wallet, instead I just point people to this site. Unfortunately all of the pictures here are months old now.