Matthew Loves the Wii Fit.

You should have seen Matthew on the Wii Fit this morning.  He did his body test and then some agility test and thought it was too cool.  The Wii Fit told him his Wii Fit Age was 4 so now he thinks he is 4 years old, that his birthday has come and gone.  I reassured him it hadn’t and that he still had a party coming.  He was o.k. with it then.

So far he has score the best age out of all of us.  I guess I’ll have to step up my game.

John Edwards..Not You, Too.

I was severely disappointed to hear John Edwards admit to and affair he had at one time denied.  I was one of the many who thought he was”one of the few good guys” left in Washington.  Even thought he would have been a reasonable president. And he may still be, but is it any wonder our society is so cynical and untrusting?

He stated in an interview that all the attention he recieved from his campaign for president made him feel special, deserving and arrogant.  Which makes me wonder:  Can anyone keep their morals in check once good fortune, power and popularity come knocking?  Does even a small amount of success corrupt your moral compass?  Is there anyone left who won’t come to believe that they are above it all?

For our sakes, I hope there is.  Ok.  Off the soap box.

Swim Lessons & A New Doctor

Matthew and I tried swimming lessons this week for him.  The first couple of days went fairly well until the instructor took Matthew under the water briefly.  Her intentions were good but he never recovered.  Complete red faced three-year-old melt down.  We had to go home after that.  I plan to keep exposing him to the idea of swimming, at least on how to get out of the pool on his own but I am afraid he has his mother fear of going under the water….

I never heard back from the new doctor my nurse practitioner was referring me to and when I called the office to check I was told that the person that takes care of that was out and to call the new doctor myself to get thing done.  Ok.  The new doctor can see me this month if I go to his Sherman office.  Ok.  So I now have an appointment in a couple weeks but I’ll tell you what is really bothering me.  No one seems to have a clue what is causing the pain in my back and now they just want to send me to pain management.  I just want a diagnosis.  I have had surgery, two MRI’s and have seen four doctors trying to find a cause and so far, no luck.  I am afraid they think it is all in my head.  Lots of people have told me to find a doctor out of town and as much as that appeals to me, I wouldn’t know who to go to.  Do I just pick some random name off the internet?  I guess I’ll just see what this next doctor has to say.