Blogging Pays Off…

I really feel like I am coming to the end of this pain thing. I have a great reduction in pain and pain medication and feel like I can see the light at the end of this over a year long tunnel. (Thanks, Dr. Harris) I still have some bad days but I feel the tide is turning. Soon the good will out number the bad.

I also had a very nice person read about my prolotherapy experience here and contact me. I can’t tell you what it did for my spirit just to email back and forth with some one that is pretty much in the same boat. Until now, I’ve never had contact with anyone who was going through prolotherapy and even though it was just a few short emails, it does me tremendous good to know I’m not alone in this. Yes, I knew other people were having prolo but to have an exchange with an actual person who is, just made me feel more optimistic about my situation. I guess really knowing you’re not the only one makes you feel connected some how. Makes me think I should have tried to reach out long ago.

Guess I Should Post More Often…

…since Tony has abandoned this site to me. Poor guy, I guess I ran him off. I haven’t had much to talk about these past couple of months. Still struggling with my Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and there is only so much you can say about that before even I get tired of hearing it. It is a two steps forward, one step back situation, so I am taking it day by day. I was wondering today if things will ever get back to normal. Things like working again, energy level, and another child we thought would be here by now.

Matthew had his first Multi-Sport class last Thursday. He did really well and was overwhelmed at some point in the middle.   Considering that the place, people and situation were all brand new to him, I think that is expected. I did let him work things out for himself and didn’t rush in to tell him it was okay (with some restraint from my husband – sure the teacher loved you for that, honey). We talked about it after class and he was okay and wants to go back this week.

Meeting the other moms was an experience. I’ve got a lot to learn in that department. I know not to be a braggart, so I listened and oohed and ahhed, not comparing Matthew to one mom’s child. Then she found out that Matthew can read, her older child can’t, and long story short – she stopped talking to me! No big deal, I then found a mom who is more like myself and we had a good chat. She has three boys and the no nonsense attitude that comes with raising three boys. Is there a handbook about interacting with other moms that you’ve never met?