Guess I Should Post More Often…

…since Tony has abandoned this site to me. Poor guy, I guess I ran him off. I haven’t had much to talk about these past couple of months. Still struggling with my Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and there is only so much you can say about that before even I get tired of hearing it. It is a two steps forward, one step back situation, so I am taking it day by day. I was wondering today if things will ever get back to normal. Things like working again, energy level, and another child we thought would be here by now.

Matthew had his first Multi-Sport class last Thursday. He did really well and was overwhelmed at some point in the middle.   Considering that the place, people and situation were all brand new to him, I think that is expected. I did let him work things out for himself and didn’t rush in to tell him it was okay (with some restraint from my husband – sure the teacher loved you for that, honey). We talked about it after class and he was okay and wants to go back this week.

Meeting the other moms was an experience. I’ve got a lot to learn in that department. I know not to be a braggart, so I listened and oohed and ahhed, not comparing Matthew to one mom’s child. Then she found out that Matthew can read, her older child can’t, and long story short – she stopped talking to me! No big deal, I then found a mom who is more like myself and we had a good chat. She has three boys and the no nonsense attitude that comes with raising three boys. Is there a handbook about interacting with other moms that you’ve never met?

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  1. Sorry you are still struggling with E.D. I can’t spell it and have no idea how to say it, but I know enough to realize having something hard to spell and pronounce is not usually a good thing..

    I often felt at a disadvantage around other moms when my kids were small. Having my first at the age of thirty five didn’t help. It was rare that kids the same age as mine had moms the same age as me so I was like the mom of the moms even though I was struggling with many of the same issues they were.

    There is nothing like the pride, worry, love, awe – insert whatever word you want there, that we feel for our own children, but I learned that once they get in school there will always be someone who is better or worse at any given thing. That maternal mama lion thing sits there in us ready to pounce on anyone or anything that threatens our child whether it is an actual physical threat or just a perception about them.

    Don’t know if I am saying this right but it comes down to there being as many differences in mothering as there are differences in kids.

    I was lucky to have found a friend back then who had similar values to mine, but who complimented me, in that she too was a no nonsense mom, very grounded, and strong in her faith. She could hear in my voice over the phone when I needed a break and would tell me to bring the kids and go away for a few hours. I did the same with her. We also knew each other well enough to know that when the phone all of a sudden banged against the wall, it meant that one of us had let it drop to go rescue a child who had climbed up on the dining table, couch, wherever LOL. I hope you can find someone like that, that will pray for you, understand when you are at your wits end, and laugh or cry with you when you need it. whew – this was a long comment! See why you should post more often? :)

  2. Thanks, Dee. You are so very right. I probably shouldn’t try to update when I feel lousy – I whine a lot!

    Speaking of whining, I miss my Paris friends very much. Glad some are coming to visit next week and that we will be going to Paris the weekend of the 19th! It will be great to see everyone, hope we can catch you too, Dee, if you aren’t too busy.

  3. I’d love to get together! I will be gone Saturday to Denton to the UIL superconference though so maybe Friday night? The Saturday after that I’m walking for Juvenile Diabetes in Dallas :) Enjoy your company!

    Don’t worry about posting when you feel lousy. If you were to go back and look at my early posts when Dale was in the hospital you would hear whining for real – it’s a good place to vent and if someone doesn’t want to read it all they have to do is click out. It’s your blog now – just don’t forget to put in the good stuff too. I like to go back and read some of the older things. I forget day to day and then I go back and read something from two years ago and what seemed like a mountain at the time has shrunk to a mole hlll. Great for getting perspective :)

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