Wow it’s been a long time since my last post. I’ve been so busy with school and fits that I haven’t had time to do anything else.

Paige went out earlier this evening and took a few pictures of the flowers around our house.


I’ll have to post more stuff later. We still have some pictures of Max with bows in his hair and a few pictures of us trying to look at the eclipse.

By popular demand

You asked for it, so here they are. I’ve added two more galleries to the site. The first contains some pictures of our friends, including embarrassing pictures of Michael like this one –

Tony, Michael, and Geoff

I’ve also added a few pictures of our new puppy, Max –

Max in the grass

I guess my other painting picture will have to wait until next time. Let us know what you think of these.

T.G.I. Thursday?

I don’t have class tomorrow, so I’ll probably update the site some more tonight. I have a few more painting pictures I want to post and a bunch of pictures of Max. In the mean time, here’s a nice picture of Paige painting the living room.

Paige painting

In other news, one of my programming projects is now being hosted at SourceForge. For those who don’t know, SourceForge is a big website for open-source software. It makes it easier for other people to download my program and help me with it’s development. My program is called Fill in the Site (fits), and you’ll be able to see its website at

Back to School

Classes started back up yesterday. I’ll be driving to Commerce four days a week for the next two months. That’s about a hundred miles round trip.

This semester I’m taking the History of Art and Death & Dying. So far it seems like there will be lots of reading and papers to write for both classes. A year ago, I couldn’t wait for summer to get here. Now I just hope it’s over soon.

Also, we made some home improvements over the weekend. I’ll post a picture or two later today.