Free iPod

I’ve seen this mentioned on several other weblogs. There are lots of reports that this actually works. So, I’m taking the plunge and trying it out for myself. Here’s what you do: Go to, sign up for an account, complete an offer, then get five other people to each complete an offer. After that, they’ll send you a free iPod.

This is obviously some kind of pyramid scheme, but what the heck. Some people have actually received free iPods from this site, so I might as well try it. I’ve invited a few people to sign up for this and help me get an iPod. If I didn’t think of you when I was filling out the form, you can sign up as a friend of mine by going to this link –

The offers are things like signing up for an AOL account, joining the DVD club, etc. I think the best one is the eBay account. All you have to do is sign up for an account and bid on one item. I used my e-mail address from work and then bid $1 on a new iPod. There’s no way I’ll win it, but the only requirement to complete the offer is one bid. So that should be it.

I’ll post updates here so everyone can see how this works out…

Two Weeks

What happened to this place? It’s been over two weeks since I put anything up here.

It’s strange because lots of things have been happening lately, but I just haven’t bothered to post anything about it on the site. Some stuff I can talk about (like our trip to Hot Springs, the fact that Geoff is in Germany right now, or the 80 foot trench we dug in the backyard), and other things I can’t talk about (like… nevermind).

I’m finally starting to get caught up at work and I think we’re through with our backyard for a while, so hopefully I can get back to my usual schedule of almost daily updates. I’ll also say that I’m tired of the political stuff. I think it’s time for more pictures of family and friends. And, of course, some full on geeky posts.

Check back soon. Thinks should start to get interesting again…