Two Weeks

What happened to this place? It’s been over two weeks since I put anything up here.

It’s strange because lots of things have been happening lately, but I just haven’t bothered to post anything about it on the site. Some stuff I can talk about (like our trip to Hot Springs, the fact that Geoff is in Germany right now, or the 80 foot trench we dug in the backyard), and other things I can’t talk about (like… nevermind).

I’m finally starting to get caught up at work and I think we’re through with our backyard for a while, so hopefully I can get back to my usual schedule of almost daily updates. I’ll also say that I’m tired of the political stuff. I think it’s time for more pictures of family and friends. And, of course, some full on geeky posts.

Check back soon. Thinks should start to get interesting again…

3 Replies to “Two Weeks”

  1. I want to see pictures of this so called ‘trench’. Of course you noticed I went out of country to avoid helping you dig it. By the way, on the German keyboards the Y and Z are reversed. It is reallz starting to make me crayz.

  2. “I’ll also say that I’m tired of the political stuff.”

    Well, that took long enough. Thanky! I’d rather talk about…errm, ANYTHING ELSE actually.

    Okay, I’ll also let Tony’s big secret out:
    He wears long socks with colored stripes on them.

  3. Not only is he wearing the long socks but he wears them with those really scary short-shorts.

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