Spring Break 2019

This year we took a winding road trip through Amarillo, Texas then Durango, Colorado and ended up in Moab, Utah to see some national parks.

Arches National Park

First we hiked to the Landscape Arch. That span is over 300 feet.

Then we saw a steep path up the side of a rocky hill and climbed to the highest point.

The next morning, we watched the sunrise through The Window Arch.

There were so many amazing sites here, but my favorite was the Double Arch.

We got here early in the morning and had it to ourselves for a while.

Canyonlands National Park

Just down the road we explored the edge of a huge canyon and looked through another arch.

After two days in Moab we headed back towards home.

Four Corners

Basically in the middle of no where we stood at the Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico borders.

We headed back through New Mexico. I made several left turns in Albuquerque then stopped off in Carlsbad.

Carlsbad Caverns National Park

After an elevator ride down 750 feet we entered a subterranean wonderland.

From here we drove all day and finally made it back home to Round Rock.


Spring is here in Texas. Now if it’ll just get warm enough to swim in our new pool…

Guess What We Got

Friday evening we stopped into Wal-Mart to pick up a few things. (Yes, we’re old married folks. I’m sure you were partying on Friday night.) I went by the electronics department just like I’ve done at least 100 times in the last few months.

Only this time, something was different. That empty space above the price sticker for the Nintendo Wii wasn’t empty. There was a big white box there, with the word Wii on it. I stood guard while Paige went to find an employee. As he approached I said “Is that a Wii?” “Yes,” he replied.

Things get a little fuzzy at this point. I remember pointing to the box, then pointing to our shopping cart… My spirit left my body for a while, but luckily returned in time for me to swipe my debit card… Now I’m the proud owner of a shiny new Wii.

So if you happen to drive by our house and notice us jumping around the living room like crazy people, we’re probably just playing with the Wii. Come on in and join us. All we have right now is , but I’m sure that will change soon. looks great, as does Mario Party 8.