Earth from Mars

Everyone in the world needs to see these pictures. Maybe then people would realize just how insignificant our problems are in the grand scheme of things…

The Mars Global Surveyor, a satellite taking pictures of the surface of Mars, was recently used to take a picture of the Earth and Jupiter from Mars orbit.

NASA has made the pictures available here. There is also a story on

Wipe the dust off your monitor and then check out this picture. The blue crumb at the top is Earth. The moon looks like a speck of dust above and to the right of Earth. If you scroll all the way down you can see Jupiter surrounded by several of it’s moons.

Awesome stuff…

What a week

Finals were last week and they just about wore me out.

My first test was Tuesday morning in Systems Analysis. Then, I didn’t get home from Advanced Electronics Wednesday night until about 9:00pm, and I had to be back in Commerce at 8:00am Thursday morning to take a Statistics test. I went to bed at about 6:30pm Thursday night and didn’t get up until after 7:00am Friday morning.

Thankfully, it’s over now. That was the hardest semester I’ve ever had. This summer and fall should be a breeze. I’m taking one class this summer – Advanced Database. This fall I’m taking an online class, and one more that I’ll have to attend. Assuming I pass these three classes and two more CLEP tests, I’ll graduate in December.

Expect more updates now that the semester is over. I have a few more projects I need to add to the site. And I’m just about finished with the new forum. Once that’s going people will be able to comment on anything they want, not just the crazy stuff that I post.

Decision Time

There comes a time in every college student’s life when you must make a tough decision – should I study all weekend for finals, or should I go see the new X-Men movie. This weekend I faced that decision.

X2 was awsome. It’s definitely worth seeing if you haven’t seen it already (even if you do have finals next week). I really liked the first one, but I think this sequel is even better.

In other comic book news, yesterday was Free Comic Book Day. I was a little excited about this. I haven’t bought a comic book in years, but I used to be really into them. So I went to the website and found out that our local Hastings would have free comic books. The website lists a lot of free comics that would be available – Batman, Robocop, X-Men, etc.

Yesterday evening, Paige and I made the trip to Hastings. When we got there we had to ask if they had free comics. After a few minutes of waiting, the store employee came back and said “This is all they gave us” and handed us an Archie comic. Out of all the cool comics in the world, they only had Archie. I guess you really do get what you pay for…

A Walk in the Park

Last Tuesday evening we took a walk around downtown Paris with our dog training class. This was the big test after attending class for several weeks. I brought the digital camera and took some pictures of Paige and Max around the old buildings.

Max was very well behaved for the walk. We stopped at corners and he sat most of the time. He didn’t even pull on the leash like he used to do. The only time he barked at anyone was when a stranger walked down the sidewalk in front of the old post office.

I added captions to these pictures so hopefully you can tell what’s going on. The sun was setting as we were walking so some of the pictures didn’t turn out perfect, but overall I think they look pretty good.

Almost there

Today was my last official class day of this semester. All I have next week are finals and then I’m done with Spring. Taking three classes in one semester while working full time was a bad idea. Luckily, I’m only taking one class this summer and two in the fall. So, it’s all down hill from here.

I’m so relieved to be done with this semester that I’m starting to find humor in little things again. When my classes were over today, I drove through McDonalds and ordered a double cheesburger and fries. The girl at the window said “The fries are hot.” And she was right, my cheeseburger was cold.