A Walk in the Park

Last Tuesday evening we took a walk around downtown Paris with our dog training class. This was the big test after attending class for several weeks. I brought the digital camera and took some pictures of Paige and Max around the old buildings.

Max was very well behaved for the walk. We stopped at corners and he sat most of the time. He didn’t even pull on the leash like he used to do. The only time he barked at anyone was when a stranger walked down the sidewalk in front of the old post office.

I added captions to these pictures so hopefully you can tell what’s going on. The sun was setting as we were walking so some of the pictures didn’t turn out perfect, but overall I think they look pretty good.

One Reply to “A Walk in the Park”

  1. That must have been fun.
    Well we got a new puppy
    his name is whitey he just
    sitting by my feet and I have final exams
    this week.

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