The Couch Strikes Back

Yes, even Max and I get sleepy sometimes. Paige says that we look alike when we sleep. I’ve added some pictures to the Sleeping gallery so let me know what you think.


I should also congratulate Ben and Paula. They were married last Friday. We went to a reception at Ben’s mom’s house yesterday, but we forgot the camera so there are no pictures. I’m sure no one wanted to see pictures of me eating shrimp anyway.

My Favorite Shirt

There aren’t very many pictures of me on the site, so I thought I’d post one that Paige took a few weeks ago.

I hope you like the shirt as much as I do…

Max Pictures

I finally found enough free time to upload some more pictures tonight. These are pictures of Max right after his first trip to the groomer.


I have lots more pictures to post, hopefully I’ll get some more done before next weekend.

Time for an update

The best part about using a program to automatically manage your home page is the way that it reminds you that it’s time to post something.

Whenever I visit our homepage and find it blank, I know it’s time.