Time’s running out

If you have anything to do in 2003, you’d better hurry up and get it done. I thought I’d make one more post to finish off this year.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Unless you don’t celebrate Christmas, in which case I hope you had a Merry whatever it is you celebrate, or at least a happy Thursday…

We had a great time this year visiting everyone and exchanging gifts. And I’m really looking forward to the new year. I know lots of great things are coming up for us in 2004.

I’ll wrap this up with an interesting story I saw over at Boing Boing. There’s an article in the San Francisco Gate titled – FBI urges police to watch for people carrying almanacs. That’s right, appearantly the Old Farmer’s Almanac is the latest tool of terror.

This just reminds me of some kind of crazy Jeff Foxworthy joke: “If you carry the Farmer’s Almanac… You might be a terrorist”. I guess this just shows how paranoid we’ve become. But who knows, that might be a good thing.

Gotta love the legal system

My last statement from Citibank included a credit thanks to some lawsuit that I’ve never heard of. Apparenty, Citibank’s customers won the suit and we are now all being rewarded. My share of the settlement was $0.22. Yes, twenty-two cents.

Others have said that they received checks in the mail with their share. That’s right, Citibank is actually sending out checks with amounts less than the cost of a stamp.

I wonder how much the lawyers got paid in this case?

In a discussion on Slashdot about the SCO v. IBM case over Linux, someone posted this wonderful analogy for our current legal system:

Two farmers are fighting over a cow. One grabs the cow’s tail and pulls while the other farmer grabs the cow’s head and pulls. This last for a long time. While all this pulling is going on, the two farmers’ lawyers sit in the middle and milk it.

I couldn’t agree more…

Vacation Time

Christmas vacation is finally here. I’m finished with school and things are going pretty well at work. I think we’re even done with all of our shopping. It’s been so long since I’ve really felt caught up. I do still find myself worrying about things. Occasionally, I get this feeling that I’m forgetting something, but when I stop and think about it I realize that everything is done.

We saw The Return of the King this morning at 11:00. Our local theater went up on the price of matinee tickets from $2.00 to $2.25. I’m sure all of our “big city” friends will find that pretty funny. It was an amazing movie. I won’t spoil it here for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, but I will say that it was well worth the extra twenty-five cents each for admission…

Graduation Day

I finally graduated today. It was freezing cold and misting rain at 9:00am this morning in Commerce, but I was still happy to be there. Here’s a picture of Paula, Ben, me, and Paige after the ceremony.

In case anyone’s curious, the medal around my neck says “Cum Laude”…

Google knows everything

Here’s a fun thing to do on a boring Thursday: Go to Google and search for “miserable failure”.

I won’t spoil the surprise for anyone, but just suffice it to say that Google seems to be getting smarter all the time…

Good Morning

Over the weekend Paige and I drove to Dallas and did a little shopping. I finally picked up a copy of Designing with Web Standards by Jeffery Zeldman. I was trying to decide between two different books and asked Paige for advice. She said “I have a good feeling about the orange one.” She was right, as usual. This is a wonderful book for anyone who makes web sites. In it, Mr. Zeldman clearly describes the problems with the way most websites are built today and presents solutions to them using current web standards.

I lost track of time as I was reading yesterday evening, and I read well into the night. As I was reading I wanted to try a few things on our website, so I connected to the internet (we still have dial-up at home). Finally, around midnight, I went to bed. I saw Paige set the alarm earlier, so I didn’t even check it.

Unfortunately, the alarm never went off this morning. A little after 8:00am, someone from Paige’s office tried to call our house. I was still connected to the Internet, so all they got was a busy signal. Then, they called my office to see if I knew where Paige was. Neither of us were at work and there was no way to contact us – hysteria ensued.

Between my office and Paige’s, I think most people had decided we had carbon monoxide poisoning and couldn’t reach the phone. Around 8:45am Paige woke up in a panic. A few seconds later, someone from her office pulled up in our driveway. We were both ready for work and out the door a little after 9:00am. Just as I was leaving, Ben pulled up in the driveway and told me to call my office since they were just about to start calling the hospitals to look for us.

I guess the moral of this story is – never give anyone at work your real address if you want to be more than an hour late on Monday mornings…

Thanksgiving Pictures

Here are some of the pictures that we took last Saturday when everyone was over for Thanksgiving. I haven’t had time to set up a gallery for them, but if I don’t post them soon it’ll never get done. So I figured I would just put them all here so at least people could see them.

What a bird Max loves Ben and Paula
Me and the guys watching TV Peggye likes it
The kids gathered around the table Peggye and Paige

One more thing while I’m at it. Tickets are not required for my graduation on December 13. So no one has an excuse for not being there, other than the fact that it’s at 9:00am in Commerce…


I usually don’t mention anything political here… Actually I think the last political opinion I expressed on this site was probably how SUVs fund terrorism, which led to quite a discussion. But, this reading a statement that Tom Ridge made from News.com, I feel like I just have to share it with people.

Tom Ridge is the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. He recently gave the keynote speech at the National Cyber Security Summit. During that speech, he had this to say:

“Terrorists know that a few lines of code could, ultimately, wreak as much havoc as bombs,”

Um, I don’t know about Mr. Ridge, but personally I’d much rather have my computer stop working than have a bomb fall on my house.

I’m sure someone will post a comment that says something along the lines of “but terrorists will write a virus to shut down the power plants!!!!” (except it will probably be in ALL CAPS with every other word misspelled)

To those who think that way, all I can say is why exactly should a computer that controls a power plant be connected to the Internet? Am I actually suppossed to believe that the computers that are controlling the infrastructure of our country are also used to place bids on eBay? If that’s the case then we have much bigger problems than terrorists.

This is it

I’m about to leave for my final presentation. This is my last day of school, ever. Graduation is only ten days away.

I feel like I should write something profound. Unfortunately, all I can think about is getting it over with so I can come back home and go to sleep.

Back to work

The holiday is over and I’m back at work.

What a weekend! We ended up with 11 people at our house for lunch on Saturday. I think that’s a record. Everyone seemed to like the food. We made twice as much dressing as last year, and most of it is gone. I even made the gravy from scratch (for the first time ever). There are some pictures and I’ll post them as soon as I get a chance.

It just hit me earlier today that I don’t have to take off and drive to class. Normally, I would be leaving right about now, but that class is over. I have one more meeting this evening in Commerce, followed by the final presentation on Wednesday. After that, I’m done with school.