I usually don’t mention anything political here… Actually I think the last political opinion I expressed on this site was probably how SUVs fund terrorism, which led to quite a discussion. But, this reading a statement that Tom Ridge made from News.com, I feel like I just have to share it with people.

Tom Ridge is the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. He recently gave the keynote speech at the National Cyber Security Summit. During that speech, he had this to say:

“Terrorists know that a few lines of code could, ultimately, wreak as much havoc as bombs,”

Um, I don’t know about Mr. Ridge, but personally I’d much rather have my computer stop working than have a bomb fall on my house.

I’m sure someone will post a comment that says something along the lines of “but terrorists will write a virus to shut down the power plants!!!!” (except it will probably be in ALL CAPS with every other word misspelled)

To those who think that way, all I can say is why exactly should a computer that controls a power plant be connected to the Internet? Am I actually suppossed to believe that the computers that are controlling the infrastructure of our country are also used to place bids on eBay? If that’s the case then we have much bigger problems than terrorists.