Color Changes

I’ve made a few more changes to the layout and color scheme on the site. Everything is nice and blue. Maybe one of these days I’ll be brave enough to put in some real colors…

Virtual Keyboard

I just read a little article over at ArsTechnica about was has to be the coolest invention I’ve seen in a while. They’re calling it a virtual keyboard. There’s a picture of it in action at Yahoo.

Basically it will connect to a Palm or other small computer, and project an image of a keyboard on any flat surface. You can then type into the Palm by touching the projected keys. The company that made it has a website, but it’s pretty bare right now. Maybe they’ll put some ordering information up soon, I’m anxious to see how much something like this will cost…

Old news

I just spent the last few hours copying and pasting all of my old news. You can now go all the way back to September 1999 and read my boring web page updates…

Galleries are back

Good news for anyone looking for our picture galleries. They’re back online and there’s more to come. This weekend I’m going to try to upload a miscellaneous gallery with several fun pictures…

I’m also looking for some software to make managing the galleries a little easier. Right now I’m doing all of the image resizing and web page creating by hand. There has to be a better way. Why can’t I just drag the images from my hard drive and drop them on the web page? Oh well, maybe someday.


Anyone who’s moved their website from one host to another can relate to this – it always takes too long for DNS servers to update. I was expecting this site to be up and running by Monday, but of course it didn’t start working until Tuesday afternoon.

Oh well. Now it’s Tuesday night (Wednesday morning?) and I still don’t have everything back up yet. If you’re looking for the picture galleries, check back tomorrow. I’m still on spring break, so I should have time to get everything back in the next few days.

One more thing

Our e-mail addresses probably won’t work until I can get everything straightened out with Jumpline. So, if you have anthing important to send me or Paige it would probably be a good idea to wait until the middle of next week.

Last Test

Here’s one last test message, just to make sure everything is working as it should. It’s a shame I won’t be able to talk to support at Jumpline until Monday. I would really like to have everything working this weekend.

Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to enjoy the first weekend of spring break without my website.

Lookin’ Good

Everything seems to be working great so far. Now if I can just get all of the DNS servers updated I should be back in business…