It’s midnight on Sunday night, it must be time to update the web site.

I added a couple of new galleries tonight. The first one has some family pictures.

The other has pictures of Paige and me.

The family gallery is just pictures of Paige’s family right now. We never remember to take the camera to any of my family’s get-togethers.

Paige’s parents stopped by last night with Pat, John, and Luke. We finally found the best way to keep Luke out of trouble while he’s here. I think this made Max a little jealous though.

Tomorrow night I’ll take some pictures of my new car and post them. For those of you who haven’t seen it or heard about it alreay, it’s a silver 2002 Honda Civic Coupe. If you remember our old silver Civic, it’s almost just like that only brand new with a CD player and a 5-speed. So be sure and check back tomorrow for that.

Help Arrives

I figured I’d better post something just so no one thinks that I’ve been worked to death. If anyone out there was hoping to score a job at the school district, you can forget about it now.

Dale, who retired last year, is now back at work. The “powers that be” used an interesting hiring technique to get him back. He had been teaching a class in the afternoons at the high school. They basically just cancelled his class and said “You can either come back to work or go home…” Needless to say, this has taken a lot of work off of my back.

Once things settle down again at work, I’ll try to get back in the routine of posting new pictures and occasional ramblings up here for everyone to see.

I’m also going to be adding a software section pretty soon. Graduation is in about 15 months. I’ll officially be a computer scientist then, so I guess I should start showing off some of my work.