Gotta love the legal system

My last statement from Citibank included a credit thanks to some lawsuit that I’ve never heard of. Apparenty, Citibank’s customers won the suit and we are now all being rewarded. My share of the settlement was $0.22. Yes, twenty-two cents.

Others have said that they received checks in the mail with their share. That’s right, Citibank is actually sending out checks with amounts less than the cost of a stamp.

I wonder how much the lawyers got paid in this case?

In a discussion on Slashdot about the SCO v. IBM case over Linux, someone posted this wonderful analogy for our current legal system:

Two farmers are fighting over a cow. One grabs the cow’s tail and pulls while the other farmer grabs the cow’s head and pulls. This last for a long time. While all this pulling is going on, the two farmers’ lawyers sit in the middle and milk it.

I couldn’t agree more…

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