What a week

Finals were last week and they just about wore me out.

My first test was Tuesday morning in Systems Analysis. Then, I didn’t get home from Advanced Electronics Wednesday night until about 9:00pm, and I had to be back in Commerce at 8:00am Thursday morning to take a Statistics test. I went to bed at about 6:30pm Thursday night and didn’t get up until after 7:00am Friday morning.

Thankfully, it’s over now. That was the hardest semester I’ve ever had. This summer and fall should be a breeze. I’m taking one class this summer – Advanced Database. This fall I’m taking an online class, and one more that I’ll have to attend. Assuming I pass these three classes and two more CLEP tests, I’ll graduate in December.

Expect more updates now that the semester is over. I have a few more projects I need to add to the site. And I’m just about finished with the new forum. Once that’s going people will be able to comment on anything they want, not just the crazy stuff that I post.