T.G.I. Thursday?

I don’t have class tomorrow, so I’ll probably update the site some more tonight. I have a few more painting pictures I want to post and a bunch of pictures of Max. In the mean time, here’s a nice picture of Paige painting the living room.

Paige painting

In other news, one of my programming projects is now being hosted at SourceForge. For those who don’t know, SourceForge is a big website for open-source software. It makes it easier for other people to download my program and help me with it’s development. My program is called Fill in the Site (fits), and you’ll be able to see its website at http://fits.sourceforge.net/

5 Replies to “T.G.I. Thursday?”

  1. I see how you are. Posting pictures of the “painting of the living room” but none of you friends and after we smiled and everything. That is it i am coming to Paris and kick’n your butt. Monday… prepare for PAIN.. your insides will become you outsides… your intrails will become your outtrailes.. PAIN… Monday…

  2. I love that color!!!! Doesn’t my sister have excellent taste? She is so talented, watch out Martha Stewart here comes Paige Lewis!!!!!!!!!!
    Love Ya

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