I will be talking about MySpace this evening at 6:00pm in the high school auditorium. I’ll cover how to make your profile private, why that doesn’t really help, and things you shouldn’t talk about on MySpace.

Unfortunately, I won’t be showing profile pages of high school students this time. I’m a little afraid of irate parents. Some of the stuff I found might not go over too well.

The presentation I gave for the teachers a few weeks ago was a lot of fun. I actually called a student on her cell phone during the first presentation and told her she might want to delete that comment.

Believe it or not, the comment is still there. I thought for sure that a strange man calling her at 8:30am would be enough to motivate her to remove the comment. I guess I was wrong.

I’m not sure what the big shocker is going to be this evening, hopefully I’ll think of something between now and then.

4 Replies to “MySpace”

  1. There is an inappropriate picture of a local girl on a myspace page and I made sure that it got back to her that I had seen it (she knows me and I know her parents) the pic is still there. I wish I understood.

  2. I’ve always believed MySpace is the devil. Now I know that it is because it’s making Tony have to tell the high school about it.

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