Technology Director

Here’s one reason why I haven’t been posting very much on this site lately:

Back in March my boss announced his retirement. A month or so later, his job was posted on our employment opportunities page.

I turned in my resume for the job around the first of May along with a few other people from outside the district. I interviewed for the position last Monday.

This morning, the school board held a special meeting to discuss several personnel items. During the meeting I was officially employed as Technology Director.

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  1. Congrats!!! The choice was a no-brainer. You’ll do a great job. Can’t wait for the first meeting with the tech folks!

  2. Congratulations! I can’t believe they waited so long to make it official! Looking forward to great things. The word now is that they will parole us from this place on Tuesday and i am so ready to have computer problems instead of dealing with medical ones! Dee

  3. Bad ASS! Congradulations…. does this mean your old job is available and if so can I modify the job description to DNA repair and PCR base telomere measuring research lab?

  4. Congrats, although it sounded like you knew this was coming. I should be in for work on Monday, if you’ve hired me that is.

  5. You are the hardest working dude I know. You deserve everything you get. Congratulations.

  6. Excellent choice!!

    I’m regretting (sorta) that I won’t be coming to any more of the district tech meetings, but expect a detailed report…and all the gossip from either you or Denise on a regular basis!!

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