Soup Nazi

As most people know, we’re big fans of soup. I’ve posted pictures and even a recipe for War Wonton Soup in the past. We’re also fans of Seinfeld. One of the most famous episodes of Seinfeld deals with the Soup Nazi – “No soup for you!”. After watching this episode, Paige and I found a recipe for Mulligatawny which we still cook occasionally.

Earlier today, I came across a site called Top Secret Recipes that has several of the soup recipes from this episode. The guy who runs the site went to the real Soup Kitchen International in New York, ordered the soups, and took them home to figure out the recipes. Here are the soups from the show:

I really don’t know if these are good or not since I haven’t tried any of them yet, but they sound pretty good. I’ll update the site with some results. Now that it’s cold outside, I’m ready for a warm bowl of soup.

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