Cold Pool & Grocery Shopping Blind!

We took Matthew to the pool outside our apartment this afternoon and he loved it.  Even though I thought the water was frigid, I believe he did better at this pool than at the swim lessons he had at Aerofit 2 months ago!  The instructor frightened him, but that is a whole other post!!  As always since we moved here, I forgot my camera.  I want to start posting pictures soon but my mind is still a little mushy from the upheaval and I always forget it.

Speaking of forgetfulness, I went grocery shopping today by myself.  I figured it was time I ventured out on my own before Tony started work.  The prices here are actually for the most part, cheaper than prices in Paris and I only had to ask for the location of two things in the store, which I thought wasn’t too bad, until I left to go back home and missed my exit!  As soon as I passed it I knew I had messed up.  Luckily the next turn around wasn’t too far way.

Things are starting to feel more like home around here.  I am having to control my shopping urges, too.  There are just way too many cool place to shop and bargains to be had.  Since we are in this apartment I am trying not to accumulate to many things for space reasons but we are planning on buying a house in six months, after that –look out!  Just kidding, dear.

Hopefully, I’ll have pictures soon!

2 Replies to “Cold Pool & Grocery Shopping Blind!”

  1. You will be finding shortcuts to all the places you like in no time! I’m glad Matt like the pool – and the remark about buying a house? Hilarious – keep Tony on his toes! Good luck to him tomorrow (that is his first day isn’t it?) – I hope the job is GREAT! I know you are all where you want to be but it would just be the icing on the cake if the job was wonderful too. It makes such a difference when you actually want to go to work in the morning!

    Living in Austin – I would definitely have trouble with the shopping. There is sooo much to choose from and explore!

    There is a park there that does major decorating at Christmas – it may be Zilker park. I will ask my friend who used to live there about it. She mentioned a train ride so that made me think of Zilker. It was a big family tradition to go there and ride the train and look at the lights. Gotta go – time for church soon!

  2. I am so crazy. I almost forgot to check your website. We are doing fine. Glad Matthew liked the pool. Wish the weather was warmer so he could go swimming everyday. The park sounds really cool. I know Matthew loved it. The weather is really nice here today. (just windy) The weather man says it will be raining here tomorrow. That is O.K. since we need the rain. Tell Tony that we hope he has a great day tomorrow. I know starting a new job is kinda crazy but, I have no doubt that Tony can do whatever they throw at him. He is so smart. Hope you do remember your camera next time y’all do something or just to let us see how you have the apartment fixed up. Well, time for dinner. Talk to you soon. Love you all. Mama & Billy

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