Cold Snap!

Temperatures finally fell down around freezing here in Austin last night and I absolutely love it!  It puts me in the Christmas shopping mood that all the retailers anticipate every year as the first really good cold front comes through.  Since I had never even visited Austin in the winter, I was beginning to worry that it would never feel like holidays were you could bring out the long sleeves and jackets.

Matthew and I even listened to Christmas songs on the way to the store this afternoon!  He loved “Jingle Bells” and asked the name of every song as it came on.

Bring on the holidays!  I love it!

4 Replies to “Cold Snap!”

  1. I am still trying to get in “the spirit”! It isn’t nearly as fun now that the kids are older (and us too). When the kids were small I was a stay at home mom and cooked for days. Now none of us need all the rich stuff I would bake and the kids mostly want money.

    It will be special for us this year though as we will be home as compared to being in Dallas at the hospital! Last year we barely got home from the apartments that transplant patients stay in. We begged the docs and promised we would be ultra careful and call at the first sign of trouble:) Enjoy Matthew while he is little. I used to cook snack food so that Christmas day we would never even have to get dressed – we would stay in jammies all day and play with toys and snack. I’m looking forward to grandchildren someday!

  2. Goodness, Dee, that sounds wonderful. I hope to have one of those type of Christmas days sometime in the future when you never leave the house. Maybe when our family grows a little more but for now I can not remember a Christmas Day when I’ve been home. We have usually had to travel.

    I am thankful that you will be spending this Christmas at home in Paris and not in the hospital. I know it has special meaning for the both of you.

    I agree about looking forward to grandchildren someday. I know we haven’t even begun to raise ours but the thought of a crowded house around the holidays sounds absolutely perfect.

  3. Also, sorry I foiled the master plan, dear. I’ll try to make it up to you–can I get you something from the mall? Just kidding, love you!

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