Happy Thanksgiving

Matthew and I spent yesterday making turkey shaped cookies and talking about out trip to Paris for Thanksgiving and what we are thankful for.  We had a great time and he enjoyed finding all the green mini M&M’s in the bowl and sorting them out to use for the turkey eyes.  He was happy to tell his Daddy what we had been up to when he got home and they got to share the left over M&M’s.  Here is how they came out:

It will be wonderful to see everyone and I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving.  Enjoy Turkey Day.  I know we will.

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  1. I’m so glad I got to visit with you while you were here! I remember the days when the kids were little and liked to do fun things like cookies!

    One year Kinsey and I made a snowglobe for him to give to his dad for Christmas. You take a jar and glue a little figure standing on the lid. Then fill the jar almost full with glycerin and glitter. Put a little glue on the rim of the jar before you put the lid on and then glue a circle of felt on the top of the lid (which will be the bottom of the snow globe. Tie a piece of ribbon around it and your done. Dale still has his after 16 years LOL Kinsey was so proud of it.

  2. I really enjoyed your visit to Paris. It was so nice to see all 3 of you. The cookies are great. What a cool idea that’s easy to make. What about Santa Cookies?
    Love you
    Aunt P

  3. Cool idea, Dee, about the snow globe. Matthew would love making that. We will have to try it. So glad we got a chance to visit with you, too. Hope we can catch up when we are in for Christmas.

    We had a great time getting to see you, too, Aunt P. I’ve never made Santa cookies before but we have tried our hand at Christmas Trees!
    Hope to see you soon-love you!

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