Don’t Place Your Tree Near Your Wii!

Yesterday Matthew started having trouble with the Nintendo Wii.  The signal wasn’t registering from his remote on the left side of the screen.  I tried the 2nd remote and the same thing happened.  I could not figure it out and was worried that we had some how broken the thing and turned it off until Tony got home.

He seemed to be sure that it was our sensor bar and that we needed a new one.  Matthew and I headed off to the store around noon today to get replacement.   Surprisingly, Matthew didn’t seem to mind much that he couldn’t play.  I was relieved and we played lots of other things-it was great!

Anyway, we returned with the replacement sensor bar and it still wouldn’t work.  We tried running the update and no success there either.  We cleaned the bar and the remotes and did everything we could think of except standing on our heads.  It is after all, just a game.

Tony went to the Nintendo website and on the first support page for the remotes mentioned that things that create magnetic fields, cell phones or even sunlight could interfere with your remote signals.  Well, we just couldn’t figure it out.  Then it dawned on Tony (You knew it wouldn’t be me who figured this out, didn’t you?):  The Christmas tree we just put up day before yesterday is to the left of the entertainment center.  We turned off the Christmas lights and wow;  it worked perfectly.

So, for future reference, don’t put you lighted Christmas displays right next to your Wii or at least turn them off before you play.

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  1. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the title LOL – I had visions of the Christmas tree laying in a pile of rubble from an over enthusiastic game!

    How odd that the Christmas tree would interfere.

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