Fabulous New Doctor!

Today’s doctor visit was amazing. Long story short, there are two different procedures for my condition. We will try one first and if that is not effective we will go on to the second one. I will also have physical therapy.

The doctor took one look at my old MRI’s from Paris (the ones that every other doctor said was normal) and showed me exactly what the problem was. In layman’s terms, it is a ligament syndrome that was made worse by the repetitiveness of getting in and out of my car over and over again for my old job. That’s why the pain is on my left side.

I feel good about everything the doctor told me and I should have my life back after six to eight weeks. This doctor also reassured me that he had done over 8,000 of these procedures and had a 100% success rate. He has never had any complications or even a skin infection for any of his patients.

This is great news and I am hopeful for the first time in a year of pain!

3 Replies to “Fabulous New Doctor!”

  1. Glad to know the details. When you called yesterday, we were in traffic around a lot of trucks and I couldn’t talk. I am so happy that you found some answers. I really enjoying spending time with you guys. We will come down soon.

  2. So glad you found out something. What kind of procedure is he talking about and when will you have it done? I know you feel better just knowing what the problem is. Talk to you soon. Luv, Pam

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