Can’t Imagine…

…what the woman who had the face transplant is going through, day to day, or what she has already endured.  Today on the news, they showed how she looked after 30 reconstruction surgeries before the transplant.  That’s 30 surgeries!  I’ve had 3 in my entire life, all relatively minor, and loathed them all.  The anxiety while waiting, not knowing, and the recovery are all unpleasant to say the least.

She had her face basically blown off by her ex-husband with a shotgun in 2004, survived, suffered through the recovery and I am sure, the stares of countless people.  Now she has several more surgeries to go through and has to come to terms with the new face in the mirror.  She will never look like the face she was born with.  Her identity forever changed by one person’s evil, self-serving desicion.

Her name is Connie and she has two children.  Her ex-husband received a seven year sentence for what he did.  Doesn’t seem fair, does it?