It is almost that time again…

And we are definitely looking forward to it. Matthew will be five years old this Christmas. Can you believe that? Five years old? We were talking about his birthday today and he asked me if we had his school clothes ready. I asked him what he meant and he said, “Well Mom, I’ll be five soon and I can go to school.” I really hated to tell him that he cannot start school until late August or so. He seemed disappointed, poor guy. Looks like the only one crying on the first day of school will be me.

Merry Christmas, friends and family! Hopefully we will be seeing most of you soon.

3 Replies to “It is almost that time again…”

  1. My baby will be twenty on Christmas Eve :)
    He did cry when I took him to kindergarten but his sister repeatedly told me I wouldn’t have to walk her in the next year, that she was big enough to go herself. She was not happy all year because he got to go to school and she didn’t. I know Matthew will love school and now you will have a new little one to keep you busy so you won’t be too lonesome next year!

  2. Matthew is sooo cute! How did he put it together 5 yr old = school? It was a real pleasure hearing him read his birthday card at his birthday party. I had a “when did he learn to read” moment. I had a blast seeing all of you guys and cannot wait to come for a visit.
    Love ya

  3. I’m not completely sure but I think it had something to do with every time we checked out of a place around back to school time, the checker would say, “Are you ready for school?” or something like it. I would say no, he is just four right now. He can go next year. He picks up on everything.

    We are really looking forward to having you visit, too. The guest room is all ready for you! Can’t wait and love you, too!

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