Ben has it made

Here is proof positive that good things do occasionally happen to good people.

The only other happy couple we know, Ben and Paula on the couch –

And Ben’s new car –


Everything seems to be going his way right now, but at least I know I beat him by one point on the SAT…

6 Replies to “Ben has it made”

  1. Yeah, Tony beat me by one point on the Test of Standard Written English; but he can’t spell COUCH.

  2. What do you mean? It looks fine to me…

    Seriously, I probably would’ve spelled it right the first time if I didn’t have someone calling and e-mailing me every few minutes to get the picture :-)

  3. excuses… excuses…

    Hey Melisa and I have been dating for a long time and we are HAPPY. I see if you don’t live in Paris you don’t count.

  4. Wow, three comments on one post. I guess I’ll have to put in a message board next.

    Didn’t mean to forget about you Geoff. Next time you come in I’ll have to get a picture.

  5. I was bugging you about the picture because I needed proof for the people at school. They thought the “flower guy” was a figment of my imagination!

  6. If I could have only one wish,
    I’d like to have back my fish.
    I don’t want a squid, for in ink it’d be hid,
    But this time I’ll secure the lid.

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