Still kicking

I really need to update this site more often… I think that would make a great New Years resolution. How often would you like to see things posted? I’m thinking I could probably post something everyday, and major updates about two or three times a week. I’m always coming across interesting web sites that I would like to share with people or things that I’d like to just remember for later. Oh well, I’ll see what I can do.

We took some pictures of the Thanksgiving festivities two weeks ago, I’ll try to get some of them posted as soon as possible. I have finals this week, so it may be a few days before they appear.

I’ve spent a little time this morning playing with PopFile. PopFile is a really nice e-mail filter for blocking spam. The interesting thing about it is that you “teach” it what is spam and what is not. Since I installed it this morning I received one legitimate message and three spam messages. I had to tell it that the first two spams were spam, but it caught the third one automatically. They say that the longer it runs, the better it gets.

I’m also still working on my software section. I even pulled out some of the old stuff that I worked on in high school. I’ll try to get that posted after finals. It should be interesting.