Christmas, Geek style

I just saw a funny link over on, has a page with several classic Christmas songs rewritten with a “tech spin”.

Here’s a few of my favorite lines. This one’s to the tune of Silver Bells.

Dim the hall lights, use the street lights,
Gotta save all our green
We’ve run out of all our unemployment.

It’s the big crunch, we’ve a good hunch
That our 401K
Will be empty by early next year.

And how could you not love Microsoft is Coming to Town?

You better watch out
You better not cry,
“I don’t know where all my licenses lie!”
Microsoft is coming to town

You paid for it list,
You paid for it twice;
You paid even more for legal advice.
Microsoft is coming to town

They know when you run Windows
They know when you use Word
They treat a loyal customer
Like a lying, thieving turd.

If this doesn’t get everyone in the Christmas spirit, I don’t know what will.