My Christmas Break

I remember whenever we’d get back from a long holiday in school, we’d always have to write a paper about what we did. I’m not sure if they still make students do that today, but just in case, here’s mine:

The two weeks started off pretty wild. It’s a lot of work getting ready for Christmas – cooking, wrapping presents, keeping the cat and dog out of the tree, etc. OK, so Paige did most of that stuff, but watching her work really wears me out sometimes…

After all of the family visiting and stuffing ourselves silly on turkey and ham and everything that goes with it, things calmed down a bit. I feel like I finally got caught up on some sleep. We then started trying to organize ourselves a little better. I’m pretty much a pack rat, so for me organizing means going through all the things I haven’t looked at in years and throwing them away. I hope nobody needed a copy of Turbo Pascal for DOS, because I just pitched one in the dumpster. I think I made some real progress.

Of course, we also set aside some time for fun. We finally managed to defeat Baal on Nightmare in Diablo II. We took a trip to Sherman for shopping and Red Lobster. Geoff stopped by for a while. We also finally got around to seeing The Two Towers with Ben. It was even better than I expected, very impressive. The movie that is, not Ben, he’s still the same as always…

So after two weeks off I’m back at work, and next week I’ll be back in school also. It sounds like a bummer, but actually I’m excited about it. I’m taking three classes this semester. After that I’ll be just three classes away from graduating. I’ll even be able to take one of those classes online. So after this sememster I’ll only have to sit through two more classes. There’s a light at the end of my college tunnel and it gets a brighter every day. This time next year be living in a whole new world.

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