Ten Digit Dialing

As of yesterday, everybody in Paris has to dial the full 10 digits to make a call. There’s a new area code coming to town, so we all have to change our ways.

I woke up yesterday morning and tried to check my e-mail, but my dial-up connection wouldn’t work. The error message said the line was busy. I didn’t think much of it at the time since my ISP is a little flakey.

Later, I came back and tried again. I still couldn’t connect. Then it hit me, I have to tell Dial-Up Networking to dial the area code. Once I did that it connected right away, and I swear my connection seemed about twice as fast. I guess that means a lot of people haven’t figured it out yet.

All I can say is I would hate to work for an Internet Service Provider in the morning. I’ll bet they get swamped with calls from people who haven’t been able to connect all weekend.