Icy Pictures

We just got through learning everything there is to know about making pizza on Food Network. Now we’re just sitting around listening to some Primus, so I thought I’d post a few pictures of last weeks ice before Geoff has a fit…


One more week until spring break from work. I am so ready.

6 Replies to “Icy Pictures”

  1. So I’ve been reading a lot about building software communities lately and I was wondering – can this comment system actually be used to carry on a discussion? Will enough people read this and reply to make it interesting?

    Also, Geoff are you still coming around for spring break?

  2. Cool, we’ll have to find something entertaining to do next week. It’s really scary that you responded to my post in about an hour and twenty minutes. You spend way too much time goofing off on the internet.

  3. As long as he goofs off looking at our site, it’s okay. Can’t wait to see ya, Geoff. Maybe Tony can make you some egg rolls when you get into town.

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