New Tutorial

I’ve added a new tutorial to the site. This one covers the Simple DirectMedia Layer. SDL is a library for creating cross-platform multimedia programs. If you’re interesting in learning how to write games that work on Windows, Linux, and MacOS, this will get your started.


The beginning of my projects page is online now. It lists a few things I’m working on right now, plus a couple of my first ever programs. I’ll add more screenshots to that page when I get more time.

Also, I’m finished with all of my tests this week, and I have a week off from school. I really like going to school, but it’ll be nice to not have to drive over 300 miles next week.


Very observant readers will notice a new link under navigation called tutorials. This is where I’m planning to put a lot of the things I’ve written about programming and system administration. There will be another new section added soon for my projects.

Right now, the only available tutorials deal with the Lua scripting language. If you’re a programmer interested in integrating Lua into your C or C++ programs, this will be wonderful news for you. If you aren’t, this will probably just give you a headache…

Sunday afternoon

Paige and I have the worst luck with restaurants. It seems like no matter where we go to eat, something always goes wrong. We haven’t been back to the “big cow” in years – not since Paige found a worm in her salad. Technically it was a caterpillar, but I won’t bring that up here…

Anyway, last night we thought we’d try the new place down the road from us called Wing-N-It. It’s a cute little burger and wings place that looks like a hanger. There’s even a dirty old airplane inside, raised on a platform that almost touches the ceiling.

We ordered two burgers without onions, two drinks, an order of fries, and an order of wings. Surely they could whip that up in five minutes. It took about 30 minutes to get our meal, and four different people came to the table to ask what we ordered and tell us that they messed up. It seems they gave our order to someone in the drive through – twice.

We did get some work done around the house yesterday. We finally dug up all of our rose bushes. They were mangled beyond repair. Here I am burning them –

That’s one of the great benefits of living outside of town. You can set things on fire pretty much any time you want.

Gallery Cleanup

I’ve been going through and cleaning up the galleries this evening. Making sure all the links work and all the pictures are in the right place is pretty time consuming.

As I was checking things, I found two pictures of Sam and Max that never made it to the front page. So, here they are –


I just love the one of Sam hiding out under the comforter on our bed. And seeing a dog and cat sleeping together on the same chair is always cute.

Anyway, I’m off to sleep now…

100 Entries

Well, here it is – my 100th entry on this web site.

I started keeping an online journal all the way back on September 9, 1999. Back then I was still adding entries by hand editing the HTML. We’ve certainly come a long way since then.

Now seems like a good time to reflect on why I started doing this and why I’m still doing it. A web log is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family who are far away. People anywhere in the world can look at our site and see what we’re doing.

A site like this is also a way of recording our lives so our children can see what it was like “back in our day”. Note to self – I need to post something about walking six miles to school everyday, up hill, both ways… You know, just for future reference.

Another good reason for keeping a site like this is just to have a way to express your feelings about things in a public way. Everyone has opinions about things that they would like to share (for proof of this see my post about SUVs and terrorism). I think many people spend the majority of their lives feeling like they can’t really be themselves and show their true colors. It’s almost like therapy for me to share my ideas and opinions with the world.

As I’m nearing the end of my degree in Computer Science, I hope to evolve this site into a demonstration of my programming and design skills. To this end I’ll be adding a section with programs and tutorials that I have written on various topics.

It’s taken me almost four years to come up with my first 100 entries, and I think that’s way too long. Back around the beginning of the year I said I would like to update the site several times a week, and I still feel that way. No one visits a site that isn’t updated regularly (except maybe Geoff). And if no one is visiting the site, I might as well shout my ideas from the rooftop. In an effort to keep the neighbors happy, I’ll do my best to post interesting things here a lot more often.

So check back soon, you never know what you’ll find.

Icy Pictures

We just got through learning everything there is to know about making pizza on Food Network. Now we’re just sitting around listening to some Primus, so I thought I’d post a few pictures of last weeks ice before Geoff has a fit…


One more week until spring break from work. I am so ready.