Where did all the pens go?

If you have a cat, you’ll understand this picture without an explanation.

Paige and I were looking for something in the living room the other day. I don’t even remember what it was now. Anyway, she lifted up the edge of the couch and told me to grab whatever was under there.

When I saw everything that was under the couch, I told her there’s no way I could get it all.

So, we ended up moving the couch, and this is what we found…

It looks like Sam has been busy lately knocking things around the living room floor. He just loves hiding Max’s chew toys where he can’t get to them.

3 Replies to “Where did all the pens go?”

  1. Eeeeew, that’s nasty! Don’t you guys own a vacuum cleaner? LOL What’s with all the Raisinets back there, huh? Darn thievin’ cat!

  2. Those aren’t Raisinets, they’re beads from our Christmas tree. Sam pulled down a whole string of them and broke it. I thought we picked them all up…

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