Busy, busy

When you work for a school district, summer is supposed to be a relaxing break. I guess that’s true if you’re a teacher (or a librarian), but it’s certainly not true if you’re a tech.

This summer we’re changing service providers and we’ll also be changing the IP address of every piece of equipment on the network. To make things even more interesting, Dale is retiring (again) so we’re also interviewing people for his position.

My summer class in Commerce starts in the morning at 9:00am. Thankfully, I’m only taking one class this summer (Advanced Database) so it should be pretty easy.

In my spare time I’ve written a web program to schedule teachers for our district technology fair on August 12, and I’m working on a program for our nurses to use to keep up with student immunization info (our CSCI 440 group project) and simple website for the CSCI 440 project.

My forum / message board program is also still floating around in limbo. It’s close enough to being finished now that I should probably go ahead and start using it, but I’m a perfectionist when it comes to things like this.

Finally, I’m also updating my Lua tutorials for the newly released Lua 5.0. The Linux downloads have already been updated. I guess I need to install this on my laptop so I can also update the Windows version. For now, if you’re here looking for Lua tutorials, download the Linux version.

That should update everyone on what I’ve been up to lately.