So many blogs

There are so many interesting weblogs out these days, it’s impossible to keep up. I stumbled across an article on one today that was particularly interesting to me: The Talent Show: My Alma Mater Salutes Hitler

That article was written by Tom Neely, a fellow 1993 graduate of Paris High School (although in those days we called him Tommy). Last I heard he was living in California, so the news of the nazi flag at PHS must have really spread.

His memory of Paris High seems pretty accurate to me. It’s funny that he mentions the “two Asian kids”, since at the time he was dating one of them.

Tom was always an amazing artist. I’m hanging on to one of his paintings so when he gets famous I can sell it and retire. Until then, you can check out some of his work at his website: Did I mention he has a strange sense of humor?

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  1. hey tony,

    small world. i found your site from your comments on my article. it’s good to see you’re doing well.

    i was hoping ot run into you guys when i was in town last weekend, but you didn’t miss much at the reunion.

    tell paige i said “hi”. hopefully i’ll see you next time i’m in tparis.

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