A little off the top

It’s funny how I ramble on about things that don’t matter on this website, but when something really important happens to me I forget to even mention it.

Just in case someone is reading this who hasn’t seen me in a few weeks, I got a little trim.

The nice lady who cut my hair asked “How do you want it cut?” To which I replied “Short.” I think she did a pretty good job.

Of course, the next few days were kind of strange. Paige said it was like the phantom appendage thing that people get when they have something amputated. I kept reaching for my hair even though it wasn’t there.

Also, everywhere I went people said things like “Hey, you got a hair cut!” I guess they thought maybe I hadn’t noticed. Then they usually said something like “I really like it.” Then, afraid that I might be offended, most people quickly followed that with “I liked it long, too.”

I was a little worried that all of my technical skills were in my hair, but thankfully they were not. The rumor at work was that I got my hair cut because I was looking for a new job. Only time will tell on that one…