Still here

This is just a quick note to let my faithful readers (reader?) know that we haven’t skipped the coutry or anything like that. I just haven’t gotten around to posting anything here lately.

I didn’t do much with my computer last week since the fan on my video card was dying. I was afraid to leave it running for long since it was getting too hot. Thankfully, I got a replacement from a few days ago and installed it. I documented the procedure and I’m planning on posting a howto here just in case anyone want to know how it’s done. Check back for that this weekend.

One more thing – God Hates Shrimp

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  1. What is an “unclean” bird? Deuteronomy 14:11 Are we talking about Big Bird. What ever you do, don’t look up “dirty bird” on It has many meanings, none of them i wanted to know.

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