April Fools

Here’s the e-mail I just sent out to all of the technology people at work. Let’s see who falls for it:

As you’ve probably heard, Dell tried to outsource a lot of their support to India. When their customers started complaining, Dell decided to move some of their tech support back to the US. This created a lot of jobs in the Austin area, and I was lucky enough to get a phone interview last week.

I got a call back from the recruiter at Dell this morning concerning a job in Austin. They were impressed with my skills and experience and they want me to come work for them in server support. They will start me off at about twice what I’m currently making, and they want me to start tonight. They start the new hires off on the night shift since there’s fewer calls at that time.

I’ve talked this over with Mr. Trull and he agreed to let me use two weeks of my vacation time as a two week notice and let today be my last day. I’ll be leaving town around 4:00pm this afternoon and starting my first day of work at my new job tonight at 11:00pm.

I’ll send another message from my Dell e-mail account once it gets set up so you can add it to your address books.

Keep in touch,


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  1. You Bastard, This is my town!! You can’t just roll into my town with out permission! I own Austin!

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