Photographic Evidence

Pictures of last night’s show are now up on the Breakout Entertainment website. This address will take you straight to the pictures –

I grabbed the two pictures of us and uploaded them here:

You’ll notice in some of the other pictures they’re reading lines off of cards. They passed out those cards to everyone in the first few rows. We all wrote a single line of dialog and then turned them back in.

The cards were used in a sort of Shakespearean play. In it, Brad played King Portfolio who was worried about war and money. Colin was his loyal subject Epiglottis. As the play went on they would draw cards at random from a basket and read the line.

Out of all of the cards in the basket, they somehow managed to pick both mine and Paige’s. Mine said “Why do men have nipples?” and Paige’s said “What would you do with that?”

3 Replies to “Photographic Evidence”

  1. I have to say, we were thrilled to be actual witnesses to said event! Y’all did a great job, honked and dinged in all the right places, and brought no shame at all to those of us in attendance who know and love you both. Of course, there were some of your high school kids in the audience who plan to NEVER let you live it down!!

    Of course, “who’s your monkey?” has now entered the lexicon at our house….

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