Student Poetry

I see students working on projects almost every day, but it’s not very often that I take time out to recognize truly outstanding work. While I was at Travis yesterday, I noticed a student working on a Haiku that I just had to share with the rest of the world:

I really hate school
It is extremely boring
It just wastes your time.

I hope this kid gets an A.

10 Replies to “Student Poetry”

  1. Blasphemy! I say
    To those who spurn my Bongo
    It is a fine bass.

    My back hurts today
    I loaded chemicals
    Why do I do this?

    My motorcycle
    It carries me to places
    Where my phone won’t ring.

  2. Lazy day for Ben.
    Cloudy skys, empty carwash.
    Soon the sun returns.

    That’s the problem with writing haiku. Once you get started it’s hard to stop.

    Get a job, poor Ben,
    Website comments are worthless.
    The rest of us work.

    In case there’s someone out there who doesn’t remember the rules from english class, here ya go:

    Haiku is easy.
    Write seventeen syllables
    In only three lines.

    Five in the first line.
    Seven in the second line.
    And five in the last.

    This last one sums up most days for me…

    Hard drives grind softly
    My meaningless existance,
    But it pays the bills.

  3. Tony is a gem
    My honor to be his friend
    And his spell checker. :)

    Okay. Now I have to throw in a normal sentence here before I begin chewing off my own arm. Those things are trying to take over my brain via a Hai-coup.

  4. You would think Ben had nothing to do……I have a long list of things to be dones around the house!

  5. “I have a long list of things to be dones around the house!”

    Ah’s a-tryin’ Mess Pauler, but po’ Ben kin’t seems ta stop wif de Hah-Koo!

    To the tire store hence
    We re-shoe the gimp Honda
    Now it steps lively

  6. Good lord in heaven.
    Ben needs to be occupied.
    Get him busy NOW.

    Because if you don’t
    Minds everywhere will implode.
    Help us. Help us all.

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