The Fruits of Our Labor

There’s something very rewarding about growing your own food.

We started off by growing our own herbs. But I don’t think herbs really count as food. After all, an herb is basically just a weed. You can snip off a few leaves occasionally to use while cooking, but you can’t exactly make a meal of it.

Last year we planted a tomato plant, but it never produced any fruit. I remember seeing a few blooms on it, but shortly after they appeared a storm came through. The storm either blew or washed all of the blooms off the plant. Therefore, we grew no tomatoes last year.

Undaunted by last year’s failure, we bought two plants this spring and put them in containers on our front porch. Our plants fared much better this year. Each one had countless blooms followed by 10-20 tiny little tomatoes. Finally, the tomatoes have begun to ripen. Here’s a picture of the very first tomato that we picked:


Yes, it tasted as good as it looks. So far we’ve picked about 10 tomatoes from our two little plants, and there are plenty more still growing. If we keep this up we might just have to become farmers.

2 Replies to “The Fruits of Our Labor”

  1. Are y’all going to be like those little old men that pull their pick-up trucks off to the side of the road to sell veggies out the back?

    If you are, I’ve got a big beach umbrella you can use…in exchange for a tomato or two that I’ll dress with the “weedy” basil that I grow in MY backyard.

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