The Planets Aligned

A strange thing happened last weekend. Somehow my old friends from around the country managed to arrive in Paris on the same day. You have to understand, growing up we had a hard time picking a time and place to eat everyday so a meet-up with one person flying back from Germany, two people flying in from L.A., and two people driving in from Austin is nothing short of miraculous.

Here’s Ben, Paula, Tony, Shannon, Jennell, and Michael hanging out in our living room.

Geoff somehow eluded me in the first shot, so Paige cornered him for a closeup. Love that smile.

Finally, here’s Michael looking dumbfounded after hearing some surprising news.

After this, we terrorized Chili’s for a while. It was great to see the guys again. Next time we’ve got to get a group picture of us standing in the lake.

2 Replies to “The Planets Aligned”

  1. Those are some scary pictures. Next time I think that we should have editing rights.

  2. Yes, and he obviously loves you more than me. Note how I am marginalized off to the side in a group picture. Even the cat has more prominence than I do.

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