One week down

I’ve survived my first week without tea and Dr Pepper. The first morning without caffeine I actually felt OK, but I did get a little worried when I tried to put my left shoe on my right foot. Thankfully it didn’t fit.

Since I cut out caffeine it’s really easy to get to sleep at night. I used to sometimes stare at the ceiling for hours. Now it seems like as soon as my head hits the pillow I’m asleep. Even better when the alarm goes off I actually wake up. I don’t always get up, but at least I hear it.

Also, now that I’m not drinking so much sugar, lots of things taste different. Before I really didn’t like grapes very much, but now they taste really sweet. I like the taste of apples and bananas a lot more now, too. I had a few cookies at the robotics cook out last night and they tasted so sweet I could barely stand it.